Mission Statement

The ethos of Sojourn Explorers is about curating inner and outer experiences for a greater good. We guide people through immersive journeys that are deeply profound and transformational, opening a lens to see life as it is as well as how you would like it to be.

A portion of each trip we curate goes to One Percent for the Planet, an organization that assists environmental and sustainable nonprofits throughout the world. We also promote cancer awareness and research through Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Maria’s Story

As the Founder, I have been on all seven continents twice. First as a television producer telling stories about adventure, then doing a five-year lap around the globe in support of causes I care about like Stand Up 2 Cancer.

My fundraising journey began not long after I watched my mother’s ordeal with cancer, and started noticing more and more people around me hit by that awful disease. I wanted to do something to help. That opportunity came in a way I never expected: walking the NY marathon, raising money for cancer awareness and research. I like to walk however 26.2 miles for time was a whole other challenge. I did it, and it led me to do another marathon, then another… until I did one on every continent, raising money not just for cancer, also for AIDS and Rhino Conservation. I promise you, each step I take even today has so much more meaning.

I have entered a total of eight marathons and walked over two thousand miles between training and competing. After I finished my last marathon in Antarctica, I decided to turn my love for travel and fundraising into Sojourn Explorers so that others could join me in experiencing great adventures for a greater good.

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