Mission Statement. Our mission is a simple one: to encourage the explorer in everyone while supporting causes for a greater good.

This really came about because it is what I had done for five years, walking across the world in support of causes I care about like Stand Up 2 Cancer. During my five year journey, I entered eight marathons and walked over two thousand miles. After I finished my last marathon in Antartica, I decided to turn my love for travel and fundraising into Sojourn Explorers so that others could join me in experiencing great adventures.

“My fundraising journey began not long after I watched my mother’s ordeal with cancer, and started noticing more and more people around me hit by that awful disease. I wanted to do something to help. That opportunity came in a way I never expected: walking the NY marathon raising money for cancer awareness and research. I like to walk but 26.2 for time was a whole other challenge. I did it, and it led me to doing another marathon, then another… until I did one on almost every continent, raising money not just for cancer, also for AIDS and Rhino Conservation. I have one continent left. Antarctica this March. I promise you, each step I take has so much more meaning these days.” ~ Maria Baltazzi