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“Charity Miles is by far my favorite training app. I love that I can make every mile count. My @charitymiles have gone to support Stand Up 2 Cancer and the Wounded Warriors. Two causes I care very much about; cancer awareness and our soldiers.  I discovered this app when I was training for my 5th continent marathon in Kenya. Used it again to train for my marathons in Rio and Antartica as well as my last climb, Mt. Olympus in Greece. Have also had the pleasure of meeting the organization’s founder, Gene Gurkoff. Truly, I find him and what he’s doing to support so many great causes inspirational. Thank you Gene! Those reading this can download the app from this page.” ~Maria Baltazzi, Seven-continent Marathon Walker and Fundraiser

March Miles Challenge!

March 2017

🍀 Happy March! 🍀  We hope you’re as excited for spring as we are. Warmer weather means more miles and more money for the causes you care about. We have something very special planned for the start of spring the March Miles Challenge!!

The March Miles Challenge is all about celebrating spring and earning fun March themed badges. From today (3/1) to St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) get virtual badges as you earn green for your favorite cause!

For those of you new to Charity Miles Challenges or you just need a refresher, here’s the low down. As you move you can earn virtual badges. They pop up in the app and are sent via email the next day. To earn the March Miles Challenge badges complete the following tasks:

Luck Badge

Move any distance with Charity Miles.

Go Green Badge

Skip the car and walk, run, or bike where you’re going. (1-2 miles)

Four-leaf Clover Badge

4+ Charity Miles for the cause of your choice. 

Pot of Gold Badge

Share your Charity Miles on Facebook or Twitter inside of the app.

Once you complete your task the badge will appear on the screen in your app. (Pro-tip you might want to give it a second to load) You can screen-shot it and share with the world. Don’t worry if you don’t catch it, you’ll get an email the next morning with the badge image. Share your badge to Facebook, Instagram, and twitter with hashtag #MarchMiles If you share using hashtag #MarchMiles you’ll have a chance to win one of three green Charity Miles shirts. Winners will be chosen at random on 3/18. 

I can’t wait to see your miles and the causes you support all month long! If you have any questions please email Every Mile Matters! 

All the best,

Gene Gurkoff, Founder

Help raise awareness for cancer research that’s making an impact!

February 2017

It’s the countdown to Cupid Day, and we have the perfect way to show some love this season! Starting today we’re joining our charity partner Stand Up to Cancer to #KissCancerGoodbye. 💋 💋 💋 

This year, an estimated 1.6 million people will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s 1.6 million more reasons to #KissCancerGoodbye and raise awareness for research that’s making a significant impact.

From now until February 14th take a selfie (or video) blowing us a kiss and share it with the #KissCancerGoodbye & #CharityMiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let’s see how much love we can spread and awareness we can raise for Stand Up to Cancer! For more information visit

All the best,

Gene Gurkoff, Founder

P.S. Unleash your purpose filled PDA with a smooch for your loved one too! And share with #KissCancerGoodbye.

Challenge yourself to give back this holiday season!!!

December 2016

Happy Holidays! We want to celebrate the season of giving with a Charity Miles Holiday Challenge!

We challenge you to run, walk, dance, even build snowmen for your favorite cause! As you move (from 12/22-12/30) you’ll earn virtual badges.

There are five Charity Miles Holiday Badges you can earn! Move any distance, 1 mile, 2 miles, 5 miles, and share your Charity Miles

Get your friends and family involved by sharing your badges and holiday cheer with #CharityMiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Get moving now! →

All the best,

Gene Gurkoff, Founder

How To Walk After The Election...

November 2016

Since founding Charity Miles, I’ve learned it’s about more than earning money for charity. At its core, Charity Miles is about empathy– not just walking for someone, but walking in their shoes.

However you feel about the election, it’s clear we all need to understand each other better. Please take a moment today– and every day– to walk in someone else’s shoes.



Gene Gurkoff, Founder

Move With Purpose. Earn Money For Charity.

September 2016

Just one month ago torrential rains left much of southern Louisiana devastated and under water. An unfathomable 6.9 trillion gallons of water pummeled the area in a matter of days leaving $8.7 billion in damages in its wake. By now you have likely seen images of the Baton Rouge community in the process of picking up the pieces.

To most of us a whole month feels like a long time, but for the residents of Baton Rouge this month has been the beginning of a long road to recovery. The flood water has receded, leaving waterlogged homes, schools, businesses and community centers in its wake.  Thousands of Louisiana residents have been evacuated and without a roof over their heads, many are relying solely on local charitable organizations for refuge and especially for sustenance. Unfortunately, following the flooding even these organizations are feeling the impact of food insecurity in the region.

Two weeks ago our sponsor Humana launched the #CarryTheBaton campaign to provide support to those local charities. In that time the Charity Miles community has shown tremendous support for those in Baton Rouge by moving for Feeding America! 6,806 virtual 5ks have been completed resulting in a $6,806 donation to local charity partners. 

You still have time to do your part in helping us reach our goal of 10,000 5ks for the Baton Rouge relief efforts. Please join us by selecting Feeding America as your charity partner and walking, biking or running the distance equal to a 5k by September 30.  For each 5k up to our goal of 10,000 Humana will donate $1 to the local charity partners that are contributing to the Baton Rouge relief efforts.

Move with us to make a positive impact for the community of Baton Rouge!